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The Centre County COVID-19 Data 4 Action Research Project (Data 4 Action) is studying the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in Centre County. Adult residents of Centre County took a survey and were presented with an opportunity to take part in follow-up research studies, including blood samples to test for the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. Antibodies detected in the blood indicate that the participant is likely to have been exposed to SARS-COV-2 in the past.

Centre County residents' lives have been impacted.
Has yours?

Bar chart showing, 32% significantly disrupted,  64% moderately disrupted, 4% not been disrupted.
Bar chart showing 10% I lost my job, am furloughed, or have a paid job but are not working, 90% I have a paid job and am currently working.


To study changes in COVID-19 prevalence as well as changes in residents’ and students’ experiences related to the pandemic.

Yes. You can complete the D4A Community Survey without providing any identifying information. At the end of the survey you will have an opportunity to indicate your interest in finding out more about future studies. You can choose to provide your contact information.

The initial Data 4 Action Community Survey is for adults currently living in Centre County. Students who are permanent residents of Centre County can participate in this survey.

Students who are current residents of Centre County can participate in the survey. Students who are not Centre county residents will have opportunities to participate in other portions of the Data 4 Action Project.


Possibly. After the initial survey, participants may choose to enroll for follow-up projects that include testing for the virus and antibodies. COVID-19 virus testing is for research only while the antibody test results will be returned to the participants.

Survey results will be summarized and provided to the community and university.

Data4Action Publications

Authors: Rachel Smith; Jessica G. Myrick; Robert P. Lennon; Molly A. Martin; Meg L. Small; Lauren J. Van Scoy; Data4Action Research Group

Authors: Robert P. Lennon, MD, JD; Meg L. Small, PhD; Rachel A. Smith, PhD; Lauren J. Van Scoy, MD; Jessica G. Myrick, PhD; Molly A. Martin, PhD; Data4 Action Research Group

Authors: Nita Bharti; Brian Lambert; Cara Exten; Christina Faust; Matt Ferrari; Anthony Robinson

Authors: Christina L Faust; Brian Lambert; Cale Kochenour; Anthony C. Robinson; Nita Bharti

Authors: Callum R.K. Arnold; Sreenidhi Srinivasan; Catherine M. Herzog; Abhinay Gontu; Nita Bharti; Meg Small; Connie J. Rogers; Margeaux M. Schade; Suresh V Kuchipudi; Vivek Kapur; Andrew Read; Matthew J. Ferrari