Logo of Data 4 Action Project.


Logo of Data 4 Action Project.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented disruption to Centre County, impacting every aspect of our daily lives and economic well-being. Centre County COVID-19 Data 4 Action Research Project (Data 4 Action) aims to give a voice to community members and Penn State students via surveys and biological testing. The survey results along with biological data will allow participants to share their experiences, document social and economic impacts, and guide decision-making as the region moves forward.

Data4Action Publications

Authors: Rachel Smith; Jessica G. Myrick; Robert P. Lennon; Molly A. Martin; Meg L. Small; Lauren J. Van Scoy; Data4Action Research Group

Authors: Robert P. Lennon, MD, JD; Meg L. Small, PhD; Rachel A. Smith, PhD; Lauren J. Van Scoy, MD; Jessica G. Myrick, PhD; Molly A. Martin, PhD; Data4 Action Research Group

Authors: Nita Bharti; Brian Lambert; Cara Exten; Christina Faust; Matt Ferrari; Anthony Robinson

Authors: Christina L Faust; Brian Lambert; Cale Kochenour; Anthony C. Robinson; Nita Bharti

Authors: Callum R.K. Arnold; Sreenidhi Srinivasan; Catherine M. Herzog; Abhinay Gontu; Nita Bharti; Meg Small; Connie J. Rogers; Margeaux M. Schade; Suresh V Kuchipudi; Vivek Kapur; Andrew Read; Matthew J. Ferrari