Restaurants and foodservice businesses during COVID-19

Author: Amit Sharma, Ph.D. , Breffni Noone, Ph.D. , Seoki Lee, Ph.D. , Chandler Yu, Ph.D. , Michael Lin , InHaeng Jung , Donna Quadri-Felliti, Ph.D.

Article Topics: economy, employment, foodservice Overview Restaurants and foodservice businesses were some of the first economic activities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining in restaurants virtually stopped overnight in cities and states as social distancing guidelines took effect. While many businesses tried to ‘retool’ and adapt to the new realities, many others are continuing to suffer from this unprecedented fallout. Even worse is the uncertainty that has never been at such levels; the uncertainty of whether and when consumers will feel comfortable to start revisiting their local restaurants and how many restaurants…

State Responses to COVID-19, State Reputations and Long-Term Economic Health

Author: Michael Nelson , Chris Witko

Article Topics: economy, employment, research After weeks of stay at home orders or less intense forms of social distancing, most states have either completely reopened their economies or are in the process of phased re-openings. Yet, in some states COVID-19 cases are increasing significantly and experts warn that even in states with clear declines further shut-downs may be necessary to avoid large spikes. The public within a state pays close attention to these decisions and leader or laggard states even receive a lot of attention from people outside of their borders. How does this shape perceptions of state governments and states as…

Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Supply Chain Mobility

Author: Steve Tracey, MBA , Susan Purdum, MBA , Kusumal Ruamsook

Article Topics: Pennsylvania, supply chain, employment By Steve Tracey, Susan Purdum, and Kusumal Ruamsook. The Center for Supply Chain ResearchÒ, Smeal College of Business The COVID-19 pandemic and government efforts to contain the spread of the virus through travel restrictions, social distancing, and shelter-in-place orders have widespread influence on business operations and personal activities. During this time of crisis, supply chains are at the forefront not only in business and government planning, but also in the minds of consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic spotlight is in play across supply chain enterprises, but it has shone…