The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Care Facilities in Pennsylvania

Author: Philip Sirinides, Ph.D.

Article Topics: child care, Pennsylvania, mixed-methods, children The operational and financial impacts of COVID-19 on Pennsylvania child care providers and staff have been significant. Most child care programs closed, at least temporarily, in the initial weeks of the pandemic, eliminating income even while costs continued to accrue. Statewide, 86% of providers reported closing at some point, although the true rate of closure could be as high as 93% due to the unknown status of unresponsive providers. Throughout the closure, nearly all providers did not charge tuition, which had substantial financial impacts. Many child care providers need to make payments…

Knowledge, perceptions, and preferred information sources related to COVID-19

Author: Robert P. Lennon, M.D., JD , Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, M.D. , Erin L. Miller , Bethany Snyder, MPH

Article Topics: survey research, Pennsylvania, mixed-methods, public knowledge Until there is a vaccine or a cure, information is the most powerful weapon to fight a pandemic infection. Effective communication is therefore recognized as a critical element of successfully managing a pandemic response – for the disease spread to be contained, the public must comply with public health recommendations. The first step in compliance is an understanding of those recommendations, so it is important to understand public knowledge about them. Assessing public pandemic knowledge in real time early in a pandemic has seldom been done – virtually all prior pandemic messaging studies…