Delaying treatment initiation for cancer patients: Implications for the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Nicholas G. Zaorsky, M.D. MS , Ming Wang, M.S. Ph.D. , Vonn Walter, Ph.D. , Niraj J. Gusani, M.D. FACS , Daniel E. Spratt, M.D. , Alok Khorana, M.D. , Christopher S. Hollenbeak, Ph.D.

Article Topics: cancer care, treatment, Pennsylvania The emergence of COVID-19 has required a re-prioritization of healthcare resources in many dimensions. Cancer is a leading cause of death in the developed world, and cancer patients have been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Early studies from Wuhan suggest that patients with cancer are at greater risk of acquiring coronavirus and also death from subsequent COVID-19 infections1 2 . Clinicians have therefore tried to minimize risk of infection among newly diagnosed cancer patients by delaying time until treatment for certain patients, or by modifying treatment standards for…