Social Support and Mental Health during COVID-19

Author: Timothy Worley, Ph.D. , Madison Mucci-Ferris

Article Topics: children, mental health, psychology, survey research Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented source of stress for today’s college students. In addition to the physical health threat COVID-19 poses to students and their loved ones, the psychological impact of the pandemic has been profound, with stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms increasing globally. Research suggests the psychological toll may be especially high for college-aged young adults. Social support, particularly from family members, has been identified as a protective factor against COVID-19-related mental health issues. Examples of social support could…

Knowledge, perceptions, and preferred information sources related to COVID-19

Author: Robert P. Lennon, M.D., JD , Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, M.D. , Erin L. Miller , Bethany Snyder, MPH

Article Topics: survey research, Pennsylvania, mixed-methods, public knowledge Until there is a vaccine or a cure, information is the most powerful weapon to fight a pandemic infection. Effective communication is therefore recognized as a critical element of successfully managing a pandemic response – for the disease spread to be contained, the public must comply with public health recommendations. The first step in compliance is an understanding of those recommendations, so it is important to understand public knowledge about them. Assessing public pandemic knowledge in real time early in a pandemic has seldom been done – virtually all prior pandemic messaging studies…