Food Access and Insecurity During COVID-19

Author: Amit Sharma, Ph.D. , Kimberly Impellitteri

Article Topics: food insecurity, foodservice, hunger, Pennsylvania Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in ways beyond what we could have imagined. The disruption of essential elements of life, such as food, water, money, and housing, has been devastating to families and communities, particularly those most vulnerable. While some of the impact on the unavailability of food, for instance, has been due to the pandemic, the inequalities that preexisted the crisis have persisted. Consequently, not everyone has been impacted equally by the inaccessibility of food; yet those who never imagined they would be impacted have found themselves food…

Restaurants and foodservice businesses during COVID-19

Author: Amit Sharma, Ph.D. , Breffni Noone, Ph.D. , Seoki Lee, Ph.D. , Chandler Yu, Ph.D. , Michael Lin , InHaeng Jung , Donna Quadri-Felliti, Ph.D.

Article Topics: economy, employment, foodservice Overview Restaurants and foodservice businesses were some of the first economic activities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining in restaurants virtually stopped overnight in cities and states as social distancing guidelines took effect. While many businesses tried to ‘retool’ and adapt to the new realities, many others are continuing to suffer from this unprecedented fallout. Even worse is the uncertainty that has never been at such levels; the uncertainty of whether and when consumers will feel comfortable to start revisiting their local restaurants and how many restaurants…